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Democrats: Voters and Candidates -- listen up!

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California's Feinstein, meanwhile, who served as the mayor of San Francisco in the 1970s, is an amendment supporter and has argued that flag burners can find other ways to express themselves. In a recent USA Today editorial, she wrote, "There is no idea or thought expressed by the burning of the American flag that cannot be expressed equally well in another manner."

Oh, really? Senator Feinstein, you have no right or reason to think you are allowed to decide how anyone may express any idea or thought. None. (cont'd)

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HOWARD DEAN shows once again why he's one of the few Dems who understand how to use TV: 2 strong messages worth embracing

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1. Republicans are great at sending other people's kids to war. But not so good at following up. It's not good enough to be tough. You've got to be tough AND smart.

2. You can't trust Republicans to defend America. Not because they don't want to defend America, but because they're not smart enough to listen to the military and listen to people who've served, like Jack Murtha.

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CANDIDATES, NOTE: Beltway Consultants threatened by emerging strategists from Blogosphere; Fear scrutiny of their track records


Link to Markos' blog entry.

CANDIDATES and staffers: now is the time to spend wisely if you intend to win in '06 or '08: Reflexively hiring DC Consultants, seemingly because they know the turf, is a disasterous oversight. Here's why:

Report from the trenches-- The Texas State Democratic Party Convention, June 8-10, 2006, Part 1

Strategies | Corporate Dominance | Case Studies/ Deconstruct

This report from the trenches will be posted in several parts because it is going to be too long for one entry and it lends itself to a logical breakdown.

I am still decompressing from this traumatic and generally alarming experience, so I am going to take my time in composing the installments.

I will tell you that my narrative and point of view is quite different from those you will read at other sites, e.g., Burnt Orange Report. Further, it will not be a hopeful, optimistic story. I am deeply disturbed by the status of the Party in Texas. No one else has expressed a similar point of view to date. It appears that most posters are spinning either the expected healing messages or are expressing some sort of micro-view in their comments, be it criticism of process, candidates, or campaigns.

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Why Busby Lost in San Diego, Why Democrats Lose, how GOP defy polls via sophisticated Rapid Response Network

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(Article link) At dinner a few weeks ago, a well-placed Republican political operative ... described to me a highly sophisticated Republican system for pouncing on Democratic “bad votes” and verbal gaffes and distributing the information instantaneously to a network of pro-Republican media outlets that now operates down to the state, district and local levels. ... In the June 6 special election, Republicans reported a last-minute surge of support after conservative media outlets trumpeted a verbal blunder by Democrat Francine Busby, propelling Republican lobbyist Brian Bilbray to victory by about four percentage points.


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VIDEO: The 100 Year History of Oil, or Why WWI Really Began

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Play via Real Media, as seen in UK

This is a pretty interesting 45 minute video -- of a stage performance in London -- a one-man show which entertains while taking the audience through 100 years of one continuous objective. It's not preachy at all. In fact the performer does a really amazing job of integrating humor with obscure facts illustrating a timeline that just makes sense when seen from a zoomed-out perspective. Real Media, as seen in UK | Google Video, Missing 1 minute opening (Note: sometimes offline, try back.)

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More Useless Chatter: Reporters & Consultants advance the theory: "the Dems need a message"

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BREAKING! Astute reporters, book writers and consultants discover: Dems need to define themselves. Play video

We ought to devote a whole cable channel to 24/7 programming of talking heads sharing generic, recycled, informationless prescriptions on how to win. Oh wait. We've got three of them already. (MORE)

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(from dKos) Crossing the chasm: creating a tipping point in 2006

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The blogger "kid oakland", who used to front-page at DailyKos before pulling back to write his own blog, periodically posts a major think-piece at DailyKos. Today was such a day, and it fits, hand-in-glove, with the premise of this site: total re-org in the way Democrats communicate.

kid oakland | DailyKos | The brutal truth is that Democrats will not even in the most favorable political climate build a majority without breaking out of our current communication patterns. To create a tipping point for the Democratic party in 2006 we have to translate our activism into consistent language that can be understood from the majority's point of view; we have to build bridges to the "early Majority"...

MORE, plus the Dkos community's comments

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The Rich Deserve a Tax Cut because they are better than you.


How does that strike you?

Are you a good person?

Yes? Really, how much money do you make?

Enrich the Rich Vote Republican.

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Republican Responsibility Vacuum


I read a headline about Ken Lay distancing himself from the CFO, blaming an inferior, and thought to myself,"Of course he ain't going to get in trouble, he conspired with Bush and the Republicans on our Energy policy."

So that got me thinking that nobody close to Bush can ever be held accountable.

It is almost as if the entire Republican party is a Black Hole of Accountability and Responsibility.

There is an accountability vacuum within the Republican party. Accountability must be pulled in from somewhere else. Not My Fault, Passing the Buck, Blame the Victim, all of these excuses and techniques are representative of this Black Hole of accountability, or responsibility vacuum. The closer you get to the Republican Leadership the more free you are from Accountability and Responsibility.

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The Politics of Definition


Here is any interesting article being published on

Below is the title, a short promotional statement, editor's note and the first three paragraphs to get you hooked. Go read the article in its entirety.

The Politics of Definition

Exclusive: A path-breaking and challenging new study on how progressives and Democrats can close the “identity gap,” being published on our site in four parts. Part I: the lay of the land, and progressive strengths.

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Deconstructing the GOP's Narrative Process to help DEMs understand how to express THEIR message

Narrative & Message

An Exercise to help Dems understand "narrative" -- and the process of extracting it: Suppose DemSpeak has been hired to determine the overarching narrative which will speak to the American people in such a way as to hit the emotional sensors and convey at all levels of consciousness that the Democratic Party is the truly American Party and the Dem story is the American Story.

War Profiteering Responsibility


War Profiteering Tax-Strategic Initiative

Concept: During "major" conflict, those entities that profit from war are subject to a minor increase in tax. The tax is proportional to profits realized during the conflict and, at the end of the conflict, the tax returns to pre-conflict level. The increased revenue is targeted so that it directly benefits the soldier, i.e. healthcare, body armor, COLA, etc.

1. Eases taxpayer burden in war time. Shifts resources slightly from private military complex to the individual soldier.

2. Is defendable because it is patriotic-supported by soldiers, unlike many other tax proposals.